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Ultra Broadband Internet

Ultra Broadband Internet

Arycom offers a choice of options for onboard access to Ultra Broadband Internet, in-flight or on the ground, through the Inmarsat satellite network that provides global coverage to meet the needs and services required by users both in the cockpit and in the cabin.


The main applications are:


  • Internet browsing
  • Tele and video conferencing
  • Data Streaming and Video
  • Video "On demand"
  • VoIP
  • Emails and SMS
  • Downloads
  • Weather Reports
  • etc.


In addition to Internet, it is also possible to use conventional telephone services (PSTN) via satellite.


  • Inmarsat Jet Connex®

Jet ConneX® is the set of services using the Global Xpress Inmarsat satellite network for  business aviation and it offers high-speed data connection for the passenger cabin (Internet browsing, tele and video conferencing, streaming data and video, "Video on demand" - VoD, VoIP, e-mail, SMS, file downloads, etc.) at speeds up to 50 Mbps with global coverage (except at poles).


The Inmarsat Jet Connex is the first communication satellite service operating in Banda Ka with global coverage through the Inmarsat I-5 satellite constellation.


To ensure maximum speeds it uses "steerable beams", which enable extra capacity to be directed to those areas with higher traffic, thus maintaining the speed and availability of services.


For more information about these and other services, please contact Arycom on +1 305 600 5799 (USA & International), +55 11 3051 3001 (Brazil & Latin America) or by email, or download the desired description on this page.

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