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Flight Operations

Flight Operations

Arycom has added value services available to aircraft operations, to integrate management of flight operations.

The Datalink service is a premium solution capable of integrating cockpit and cabin communications, and allow connections to major international trip-planning services around the world, providing the ultimate in user experience. Accurate tracking and flight mapping are also available globally through the data generated by their own connectivity with on board services such as Inmarsat SwiftBroadband or Iridium.


  • Datalink and Flight Safety

A cockpit data link (also known as ACARS) which uses the Inmarsat network, Iridium, and VHF SITA, allowing customers to have the ability to upload flight plans 20 different travel planners. Enables flight crews access to Digital ATIS, weather conditions at the airport, route winds, weather conditions in graphical format, flight plan shipments, permits before departure, ocean authorizations and e-mail messages to the aircraft. Dispatchers and personnel on the ground can track the aircraft anywhere in the world through takeoff/landing reports, deviation reports, ETA updates, position reports etc.


Resources Datalink system:


  • Authorisation before departure / oceanic;
  • Digital ATIS;
  • Automatic delivery of takeoff / landing reports;
  • Weather forecasts in text and graphical format;
  • Flight plan loading and winds to the flight management computer (Flight Management Computer, FMC);
  • Text messages via email, fax or wireless devices;
  • Cabin monitoring systems available exclusively to Datalink;
  • Secure communications via Inmarsat and Iridium;
  • Air traffic services messages (ATS) FANS (CPDLC & ADS-C);
  • Extra features of critical data visualization flight in real-time through a specific application;


  • Tracking

The flight tracking system in real-time shows the precise coordinates of the fleet using multiple data sources and includes departures, destinations, ETA (estimated time of arrival), altitude and speed information. It also allows the overlay of weather, including NEXRAD and satellite images worldwide. They are also available through applications compatible with smartphones and tablets.


For more information about these and other services, please contact Arycom on +1 305 600 5799 (USA & International), +55 11 3051 3001 (Brazil & Latin America) or by email, or download the desired description on this page.


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