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Additional Services

Additional Services

Arycom offers a wide range of value-added services and applications for smartphones and tablets that complement and enrich the connectivity solutions of Inmarsat and Iridium, namely:


  • Position Reports

This allows immediate contact via voice aircraft with the ATS via the Global One Number.


  • Management of  "online" usage, billing, etc.

Platform for management of accounts on the aircraft, network performance data, connectivity status and usage information, billing, e-mail alerts, etc.


  • Alerts and monitoring Use

To avoid high bills this can be configured to alert the customer via email when a terminal reaches a predefined limit of consumption. You can configure the alert with or without suspension of services.


  • Compression, acceleration and "caching" of data

Acceleration service, compression and caching of data, creating more effective use of bandwidth (Please consult if the avionics equipment is compatible with this service).


  • VoIP

The VoIP service allows use of passengers smartphones to make and receive calls during the flight, as an extension of the telephony system of the aircraft.


  • Filters for site blocking, automatic software updates, etc.

It allows you to apply filters on the internet link, blocking software update processes, applications and specific sites. Enables optimization of bandwidth utilization.


  • Individual charges for use of passenger data services.

This allows individualized billing option for passengers to use the data consumed on board.


  • Global IP

IP address dedicated to the aircraft which enables communication of voice and data seamlessly in any location.


For more information about these and other services, contact Arycom via telephone +55 11 3051 3001 or by email

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