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Voice (telephony)

Voice (telephony)

Arycom offers options for the provision of telephony services through different Inmarsat satellite networks and Iridium, providing global coverage to meet the needs and services required by users both in the cockpit and in the cabin.


  • Inmarsat Swift BroadBand (SBB)

Simultaneous use of voice and data via IP at speeds up to 432 kbps and streaming up to 256kbps or more (X-Stream or by acceleration). It provides global coverage (except at poles) through the Inmarsat I4 constellation.


  • Inmarsat SwiftBroadband 200 (SBB 200)

Simultaneous use of voice and IP via data at speeds up to 200 kbps and streaming up to 8, 16 or 32 kbps. It provides global coverage except at the poles through the constellation of Inmarsat I4.


  • Iridum Aircell

Part of the Aircell ® product , it is a solution that supports voice and data at low speed on the global Iridium satellite network. Designed for nearly all types of fixed-wing or rotary aircraft, the Aircell service is ideal to meet the voice communication needs of aircraft, enabling communication with any phone number on the planet. In addition to voice connection, the service provides access to information, financial data, messaging and medical support in flight through partners.


  • Iridum Go! and Iridium Go! App

With Iridium Go! and Iridium Go! App you can connect any phone to the Iridium satellite network, thus turning cell phones into global communication terminals with excellent audio quality via a simple device that can be installed inside the aircraft, or can optionally be connected to an external antenna.


Besides acting as a "door" between smartphones and the Iridium satellite network, Iridium Go! allows passengers and crew:


  • Smartphones can originate calls connected to Iridium Go! device to any landline or mobile phone anywhere in the world;
  • Send text messages (SMS) from smartphones connected to Iridium Go! device to any mobile phone anywhere in the world;
  • Accept incoming calls or receive through a specific application directly on the smartphone connected to Iridium Go!;
  • Via GPS tracking

Using the Iridium Go! App is still possible (via SMS):


  • Weather forecast
  • METARs and TAFs
  • Navigation and aeronautical chart
  • etc

Warning: Iridium Go! should be kept off throughout duration of flight. The device can be used by the pilot or the pilot's consent (US Code of Federal Regulation (CFR): 47 C.F.R 25,285).


Note: For optimal performance of the Iridium Go !, it is recommended to install an external antenna (may require certification of aviation regulatory agencies and telecommunications).


  • Get links directly on your own phone number.

This service allows you to use your own GSM phone, number and contact list through all phases of flight, from takeoff to landing. Lets you access your contact list to dial and send SMS text messages, use data services and make phone calls just as you would on the ground. It also enables the use of your own phone number to recipients, identifying incoming calls and texts as coming directly from you. The availability of this service depends on the existence of compatible equipment onboard the aircraft.


  • Arycall

The AryCall solution offers an alternative low cost and high rate of calls completed to satellite terminals. Arycall is a service that reduces the cost of calls from conventional phones to satellite terminals Inmarsat and Iridium. Other advantages are secrecy, transparency and ease of use.


For more information about these and other services, please contact Arycom on +1 305 600 5799 (USA & International), +55 11 3051 3001 (Brazil & Latin America) or by email, or download the desired description on this page.

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